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By The Hour LA Limo Service

Hourly LA Limo for Hire

Along with our other services, The Other Limousine offers By the Hour car

By The Hour LA Limo Service | The Other Limo

Along with our other services, The Other Limousine offers By the Hour car and limo services with affordable hourly rates that will meet your particular needs and suit your group size and trip duration. By the Hour service offers the convenience of having a car at your beck and call. You can provide us with a strict or general itinerary, and we will conform to your requirements. Also, you can simply direct us where you need to go once you are in a car.

Hourly LA Limo for Hire

Regardless of your event, whether you’re off to the theater, a sporting event, shopping spree or plan to dance the night away, sit back and relax while we transport you. The designated driver is a thing of the past, because with our hourly service nobody has to be excluded. Our professional drivers will get you to all the places you wish to be in style. If you don’t know where you want to go, you can always ask our friendly drivers to recommend you a perfect spot.

Affordable By the Hour Car Service

Make as many stops as you like, our team will thoroughly plan and deliver a wonderful service. You can count on our knowledgeable and experienced chauffeurs to be promptly parked, waiting to take you anywhere you need to be. This hourly service is designed to eliminate the hassle of navigating through busy traffic and finding a spot to park. You will start to enjoy true luxury from the first minute of your trip. By The Hour service is perfect when you need to get to several places throughout the city, especially if you have neck to neck meetings and you don’t want to waste time on hailing cabs.

Private Sightseeing Tours in a Limo

If this is your first time in Los Angeles and you want to see everything LA has to offer, you can book the vehicle for an entire day as you are chauffeured around the city. You will be riding in style while checking out the amazing destinations Southern California has to offer.

The Other Limousine’s hourly service is customized to give you the freedom to travel in luxury at your own pace. We offer car seats, bottles of water, candy and multiple drop-off and pick-up locations if you need them. Whether you are celebrating a special event or just taking some time off to explore the town, our luxurious vehicles are sure to meet your particular needs

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Client Testimonials
"My company has used your services for ages and they told me you run a serious business and everything, however I didn't much care for that reference since I wanted to hire you for my bachelor party. Executive transport fine, but a bachelor party? You removed all my doubts! Guys, I'm not sure where you found this chauffer of yours, but that guy is amazing! He handled the whole bunch of my pretty drunk friends in style! Fantastic service!"
Kevin Sweeney

"No matter what time of day we need to have a car, we are confident that The Other Limousine will be there to pick up our clients. I relish the fact that you know where to take them and that you keep all our company info. We are proud to have The Other Limousine as a part of our team!"
Julia Rapkin

"After over 20 hours of connected flights from Turkey to Los Angeles, I was terribly tired and jet-lagged. My hosts hired The Other Limousine for my airport transfer prior to my arrival. I was able to relax and recuperate in one of your beautiful vehicles and the chauffer was very helpful and hospitable. It was a wonderful experience! You're great!"
Yaesmin V.