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New Year’s Eve Limo Rental

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New Year’s Eve Limo Rental Los Angeles

With the New Year’s Eve coming up , a lot of people want to book a limo to take them to their celebration and back home, only to find that all vehicles have been booked in advance. You can avert that by booking your car in Los Angeles on time.

Meet Our New Arrival: Lexus LS 460!

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Lexus LS 460 - The Other Limo

Introducing our new arrival Lexus LS 460! With the finest leather and numerous amenities, this vehicle is a great choice for discreet and comfortable travel for up to 4 passengers. Call us to book your unforgettable ride on this luxurious car, and experience comfort and class with The Other Limousine providing their services to you and your friends!


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Staples Center is going to be host to a spectacular concert on Friday, the 21st! Usher, DJ Cassidy, and August Alsina will be performing and it is sure to be a great show. As with most Staples Center shows, the streets might be closed after the concert, so having an experience and professional driver for you and your friends is a very smart way of navigating through the traffic and possible confusion.

If you’d like the driver to be your designated driver so that you and your group can go to any bars after the concert and then head home, that can all be arranged as well.

Just give us a call and let us be your car service whether you need a luxury sedan, suv, or limo, we have it for you. Between parking and the hassle of parking, the money spent towards our car service can be the difference between a good night that could have been better, or a great night that was as amazing as it could have been.



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Oktoberfest!  It’s that time of year again, and it’s a great time to go around eating delicious food and drinking amazing beers and meeting new people.  Whether you are going by yourself or with a group of friends, Oktoberfest is one of the most enjoyable times of the year.  By reserving a trip with us, you give yourself a responsible way to enjoy Oktoberfest and all it has to offer without having to inconvenience any of your friends.
You can reserve a point to point pickup and drop off, a round trip, or hourly service with us, and we offer a  multitude of vehicles to best accommodate you and your needs.  Los Angeles and the surrounding areas have a lot of rich German culture, so find out the hottest spots you’d like to go to, and we can get you there in style and comfort so that you can have a great time instead of worrying about your ride.

Make Sure You Don’t Miss Katy Perry’s Tour on September 19 and 20!

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Its not too late to book your fun night out for the Katy Perry’s concert taking place at the Staples Center this weekend on September 19 and 20. Ride in style to one of the most amazing concerts taking place this year. Experience her tour in luxury, comfort and class with The Other Limousine providing their services to you and your friends!